Editor-in-chief: Shorobura I.M., doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, rector of  Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy.

Deputy of editor-in chief: Buchkivska H.V. candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, head of the department of fine and decoratively-applied art of Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy;

Executive secretary: Mykhaskova M. A., candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor,  head of the department of theory and methodology of musical art of Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy.


Halus O.M.  doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, pro-rector for research of Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy;

Ilinitska N. S.                candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, associate professor of the department  of  theory and methodology of musical art of Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy;

Kyianovska L.O. doctor of study of art, professor,  head of the department of history of music of  Lviv national  musical  academy named after M. V. Lysenko;
Masol L.M. candidate of pedagogical sciences, leading research worker of laboratory of esthetic education  of Institute of problems of education of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine; 
Makhovska S.V. candidate of philological sciences, associate professor, head to the Podillia department of Institute of study of art, ethnology and  folk-lore.

Ovsiichuk V.A. doctor of study of art, professor of  Lviv national academy of arts;
Pavlishena L.V. candidate of philological sciences, head of the department of choreography of 
Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy;
Polishchuk O.S. candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor, dean of the faculty of arts of  Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy;
Rostovskyi O.Y. doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of the department of musical pedagogics and choreography of  Nizhyn M.V.Hohol State Pedagogical University;

Rusnak I.S. doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, professor of the department of pedagogics and psychology of Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy;
Slonevska I.B. candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor, head of the department of foreign  literature and
cultural studies of  Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy;
Suprun-Yaremko N.O.  doctor of study of art, professor of Institute of arts of  Rivne Humanitarian University;

Teliachyi Y.V. candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, pro-rector for research and pedagogical work of  Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy;

Ursu N.O. a doctor of study of art, professor, head of the department of fine arts of Kamianets-Podilskyi  Ivan Ohiienko National University;
Fedoruk O.K. doctor of study of art, professor, academician of National Academy of Arts of Ukraine;
Cherkasov V.F. doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of the department of music-theoretical and instrumental disciplines of  Kirovohrad Volodymyr Vynnychenko State Pedagogical University;


Shulhina V.D. doctor of study of art, professor, head of the department of theoretical and practical cultural studies of  National Academy of Managing Personnel of Culture and Art;
Yashchuk I.P.
doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, dean of the faculty of primary education and philology of Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy